Leaders in designing outdoor lifestyles. Fortitude Caravans has been proudly Australian-owned since 2014.

Caravans for your Let’s Go! Adventure.

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Fortitude Caravans Crafting Homes Away from Home

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Family Owned and Operated

20 years caravan industry experience. Proud to be an Australian-owned and operated company, employing staff locally and inter-sate.

Australian Designed and Engineered

Designed by Fortitude Caravans for you.  Engineered and Manufactured in Australia to our specification.

Quality Materials

Australian high-grade composite panels and  checker plate protection. Top quality appliances.


Our Caravans are compliant and come with an Australian Manufacture Certified Chassis, Gas Compliance and  Caravan Industry Association of Australian RVA approval.

Manufacture Warranty

Fortitude Caravans provides peace of mind with a 5-year structural warranty, guaranteeing defect-free key components and covering repair or replacements at no extra cost to the owner within the warranty period.

Solutions for every Budget

The continued success of Fortitude Caravan can be attributed to our award-winning product innovation, exceptional quality and top-notch customer service. Flexible options to customise your caravan layout to fit your specific requirements and budget.

Our Brands

Fortitude Caravans work with leading brand names throughout Australia. We only source from suppliers that support their products, ensuring excellent quality and after sales service.

Customer Satisfaction

Discover what our satisfied customers have to say about their experiences with our products and services.

In our 4 years of ownership we have not had any issues and have travelled extensively throughout this great country of ours. We would recommend the Fortitude Caravan as value for money and excellent workmanship.

Fortitude put a lot of thought into their floor plan and layout. Steve you were a great help in choosing our colours for both exterior and interior we couldn’t have asked for better.

Our  Fortitude Caravan was custom design especially for us.  It is built so well no, problems even after two & a half years with a trip to Tasmania & a couple of trips out west on the dirt & over 30,000 klms. No leaks & very minimal dust. It is a really comfortable caravan with a great mattress & tows beautifully for an 18’ single axle (my first).

I’m happy to recommend Fortitude Caravans from Steve at Brisbane RV’s.

What I liked about the Fortitude is the Quality construction build and the smart use of space and bulk external storage. I always joke to Steve about the amount of lights in the ceiling. The cabinet work and the paint finish was A grade and the layout was a very smart design.

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